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Was established in April of 2001 with the vision to provide quality concrete finishing and related services to our clients. We have worked with premier general contractors in the surrounding area on such projects as hospitals, office buildings, residential hi-rises, amusement parks, parking decks, retail stores, and heavy industrial buildings. Our reputation has been built on doing quality work safely and by being a team player. We have separated ourselves from our competition with our outstanding service.


We are very proud to have a team that has some of the most experienced concrete finishers in the commercial and industrial industry. From retail stores all the way to high demanding FF-FL specifications we offer a full line of Division 3 turnkey scope, placing and finishing from laser screeding to sawcutting and curing of slabs.

Building The Carolinas Inc. provides quality concrete finishing and related services to our customers. 

Just some of our services include: setting stone / fine grading, prepping slabs, placing poly, placing wire, placing rebar, laser screeding, place and finish, SOD, SOG, elevated slabs / high-rises

We take great pride in giving our customers the best service by holding a pre-pour meeting before each significant pour to review all details.

List of services

  • High tolerance FF/Fl
  • Structural concrete slabs
  • Post Tensioned Concrete slabs
  • Topping slabs
  • Hardened Surface slabs
  • Low Shrinkage slabs
  • Mass paving
  • Heavy Duty paving
  • Site work


  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Retail
  • Multi-family
  • Educational institutions
  • Athletic facilities
  • Warehouse
  • Manufacturing Plants

Projects We Have Completed

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